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Everyone needs a little help now and then. Whether you are new to gardening or looking to get more out of your landscape, my coaching services help guide you in the right direction. With garden coaching, I don’t just offer solutions, I help you learn skills to grow as a gardener and designer.
Let me help you:
  • Bring your garden visions to life.

  • Identify solutions for problem areas of your landscape.

  • Learn the skills you need to maintain plants.

  • Attract more birds, bees, and butterflies to the garden.

  • Bring cohesion to your landscape.

  • Garden more sustainably.


Looking to revitalize an old, tired landscape? Not sure what to do with your newly built home? Let me help you with a detailed garden design. This service is tailored to meet your needs: I can create detailed planting plans for specific gardens or help you tackle the landscape as a whole. One of the challenges many gardeners face is how to connect the various parts and pieces of a garden to create unity and provide movement through the landscape. These are just a few of the design challenges I can help you solve.


My design services include an initial site visit (or virtual visit), a scaled garden plan, plant list, and follow-up visit to discuss implementing the plan. You will have all the tools you need to build your customized landscape.

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Ready to Get Started?

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Virtual Coaching and Design Services

Isn’t technology wonderful? Using video calling, satellite imagery, and photography, I’ve helped homeowners across the country realize their garden dreams. So don’t let distance stop you from accessing my coaching and design services. Let’s book a session today.

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